monica is monicais.com
Monica Gutierrez is a LA based-blogger, who’s always up for a new adventure in & around her native city. After always being called upon for “foodie advice & cool spotting” from friends, she soon started the “Monica is…” blog, as an informal way to share her favorite finds. With a background in marketing & graphic design, she’s drawn to all things beautiful, interesting & more importantly the story behind the places/people she visits. A true food-lover at heart, her best days start over a cup of coffee, catching up with the locals, & obsessing over the next point of exploration. Nothing pulls people together better than good food & engaging conversation. Monica brings a relaxed approach to navigating the awesomeness of Los Angeles, through her daily musings on Instagram/Twitter. Hopefully, leaving you with the desire to explore your “own backyard” a little more. 

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