monica is…all about that plant life.

purple house plantso after a stressful start to the year (some swift changes were made to get back on track!), i decided that i really wanted to commit to “relaxing”. although it is not always easy to get back & simplify, it was an important thing i wanted to at least try to do. i shifted my diet, exercise came back into my life, & gardening. yes, gardening. as a child, it was a first love and something that was a fun thing to do with my family. we were & still are a lover of plants, the outdoors, & anything your bare hands can cultivate and grow. after i was given a small pot with the most amazing specimen of succulent, alas the desire came back! its the little things. i’m a few weeks into my hobby & now my fashion haunts have turned into lowes trips, which i’m loving more everyday…

a beautiful mess

image from a beautiful mess

 from the brickhouse

image from the brickhouse


image from the brickhouse

image from the brickhouse
image from the brickhouse


shirt check…

madewell shirts

hope everyone’s year is off to a great and positive start! i can’t wait to dive into new projects & plan much needed vacations…xx

today after visiting madewell at the americana, i can’t help but lust over these perfect shirts! they are so clean and would be great additions to any spring wardrobe, preferably mine! i have decided to challenge myself this year & purchase only things with “classic” appeal. no trendy stuff is going to sit in my closet anymore, year after year & wait for the great toss-out to goodwill. it stops now. what are some of your fashion goals this year? let’s hear ’em…

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wish*list mondays…

wish*list mondays…stitch of h.o.p.e.

my talented friend kristen makes these amazing little treasures for her charitable site stitch of h.o.p.e. (you purchase a handcrafted item & a portion of the proceeds goes to a charity of your liking!) she's been working away sending these packages all over the country! what a fun stocking stuffer or special gift for any occasion! like them on facebook!

the lists are starting…

the lists keep getting longer & longer, especially when stores like madewell have cute stuff like this! i want it all...