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wish*list mondays…

running a blog while having a life, is quite taxing when time seems to be in short supply, but i have decided to re-vamp around here. in the next few, weeks i’m going to try to narrow down my favorite things, food visits, & anything else miscellaneous into fun posts that are a little more frequent & tailored. it’s still all in the begining process, but hopefully it will allow me to balance my time easier. i’m still trying to live up to some of my goals for this year & this was one of them. thanks! x0


pillow fights…

i’m in dire need of new bedding & yet i find this to be quite difficult because: a. i hate scratchy sheets b. i dont like crazy prints c. great bedding is expensive. although, i’ve had a few on my wish list, these are some  of my favorites. can’t decide between solids or neutral prints, help!

new 2011 bag obsessions!

it’s not even been a few days & already i’m obsessed with a few bags! not too much frill or hardware, just function & durability! i’m looking for a great everyday bag thats not heavy (like i’m lugging a 10 pound weight phew!) to follow me through my travels. {shown from anthropologie & quote by however}

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monica is…in a summer daze.

i cannot express how happy it is that summer is officially here! i made a few job changes, so i will have a semi-normal schedule & be off on holidays! it means more time veggin’, shopping, & of course eating! a few days ago, i went to visit one of my favorite haunts,  new stone age for fun gifts & silly miscellaneous items like my dog stapler! i love spending what seems like hours in there exploring & browsing the vast selection of artisan jewelry. as always some shots of some recent food travels, fresh flowers, & an enchanted trip to anthropologie. that clock dress is beyond adorable!

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