its 2011! hooray!

i’m beyond excited that 2010 has gone & disappeared! it wasn’t the greatest one i’ve had, but it’s over & i’m ready to leave it behind. the holidays are over & now it’s back to blogging & embracing new projects. it’s all about effort & enthusiasm this 2011.

here are some shots that made me happy… {from top to bottom– bourdain book set, the almighty keurig, my favorite coffee shop mascot, my christmas tree, & the wonderfully comforting fireplace at foxy’s}

Monica is…dying without her computer.

I’m not even filled with enough shame to say that I miss my laptop terribly. I miss blogging. I am using my boyfriend’s computer, but it is not the same. I guess I’m a creature of comforts & wish somehow magically the laptop, which is surely infected with a virus, would just wake up. If I had to choose between television & internet I would choose internet, hands down. Forgive the lack of posts. I will be back soon. XOXO