Monica is…in burger heaven.

need I say more?

Oh, The Habit...

So, I guess unofficially, burgers must be my favorite food. I seem to enjoy these cheesy things more than anything I eat. I love them & I can really dissect whats really good or bad about one. One of my top places to visit is The Habit Burger Grill. Not to be confused with the other Habit in West L.A. I think this place is better. The meat is delicious & chargrilled layered with cheese & grilled onions. yummy! The shakes are thick, rich & sinful, perfect after a crappy day at work. It nourishes the soul & star-wipes all evil away. The Habit Burger Grill 249 N Glendale AveĀ  Glendale, CA 91206.


This is calories galore

cheesy corners

cheesy corner bliss

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