Monica is…comparing notes.

So yesterday, my good friend & I were talking about how cool we think Kat Dennnings is. She’s irresistibly charming & her witty blog shows her endearing, quirky side that sends us into a girlcrush, tailspin! Here are some of my favorite shots of her, while watching the Los Angeles skyline turn coffee black from the fires…no more heat wave!


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Monica is…starstruck…sorta.


It’s been a slow week for me…Work has been less than stellar. It’s been so slow that I have been put on “sidewalk duty” (I sit on my ass for a few hours people watching & “watching” the lonely rack of clothes in front of my job). I swear, I wish I could just walk away from this job & become an  international spy/blogger, but that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. I suppose I have to keep wishing through my trusty well. Anyways, here’s a list of celebs I’ve seen in the last few days I listed in order of coolness…so to speak.

6. Constance Marie—came into store with her new baby & her trusty spanish speaking-only nanny. Can’t quite figure out why you would need a nanny for a newborn. I guess nobody takes care of their own kids.

5. Terry Crews—he’s the dad from Everybody Hates Chris. He looked so ridiculous in his tiny man shirt. His scary muscles consumed him. I felt as though the seems of his too tight shirt may explode.

4. Holland Taylor—she’s pretty scary looking without makeup & she’s horrible to help. She never smiles & drives me nuts. Oh well.

3. Soleil Moon Frye—her kids are soo cute & I have a soft spot for her since I loved Punky Brewster when I young. Incredibly nice & cute in real life.

2. Rachel Dratch—walked in & I sorta felt embarassed since I had written about her before. Meh. I avoided her completly. Still weird.

1. Beck & Marissa Ribisi—adorable. nuff said. They are so small & stylish. Love when I see them & I can actually admit to be being a little starstuck.—–sigh.