Monica is…hanging out with the oldies.


By no means is this place the premier place for fine dining, but Coco’s is rather delicious for a few dollars & a couple of laughs. It the Ivy of geriatrics. I truly think its the place, where if your old (other than your local mall at wee morning hours) it’s the place to be seen. At peek hours, you can catch the oldies being wheeled in by the local retirement homes. The decor is Florida-retirement circa 1979, & the service is really fucking awful, but its a place where you can get a pancake filled with bacon-bits inside or see an old person eating with a breathing tank. Coco’s keeps it real. Its a parallel universe if your young. My best chum & I, love to go there because that’s where we see our lives flash before eyes over a plate of cream of broccoli soup. Need a moment of clarity & a slice of cream pie, that’s your place.