halloween is coming…

who doesn’t love a good sweet snack, especially when its ghoulishly delicious! these fun pre-made goodies from dean & deluca, are perfect enough to scare & satisfy your wicked guests!

dean & deluca treat bags…

i can’t believe halloween is around the corner & who better than dean & deluca, to make the world’s cutest treat bags…so damn cute.

and this is a confection dream…

Monica is…all a flutter.

I’m not a huge valentine’s day fan (why should love be celebrated only one day?), but I do love all the insanely cute stuff that is made! I can’t help, but be charmed by all these sweet heart patterns & candy colored things… Yummy enough to eat! Well, if these were edible of course!

burberry heart bonanza!

so sweet & dainty!

no words...just stunningly perfect.

luckily it's raining quite enough in la for an umbrella this cute!

eeekkk! these are too cute!!!

Monica is…so f’ing bored.

my life 90% of the time

my life 90% of the time

Almost a year has passed & it has been so uneventful its not even funny. I’m having one of those “off” years, where nothing I do seems to be going right. Everything is soo fucking boring. I think I have a boring disorder. Work is depressing because its not what I should be doing. I finally moved out after years of being annoyed by my mother only to find that I have that worst neighbors EVER. Bad job=poor, which sadly means there is no room to get a pricey bite to eat or a couple of drinks to drown my sorrows. Geez I could go on, and on but I think the list would stretch pretty far. I feel lazy all of the time & I think that I’m starting to get this temporary hunch from lack of enthusiasm. It’s actually pretty infectious. While at work, I found that most of my co-workers seem to also be suffering from this same bored disorder. While we pretend to fold jeans, we complain about how bored we are at work. Hours will go by without any customer interaction & this observation fills everyone of us with a type of panic….but on my off days I always find solace in food. So today in an effort not to be bored I went to Joans On Third, with my Miley Cyrus, Elle magazine & ate deliciousness.

me & miley

me & miley

and  yes it was THAT good!

and yes it was THAT good!

this makes me long for nyc's dean & deluca

this makes me long for nyc's dean & deluca

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Monica is…wishing she was in NYC for this glorious coffee.


I love coffee. I really do. I have it everyday. Its my elixer for a bad day, a comforting friend during a work break, & the best thing after a yummy meal. Once a upon a time when I would travel to New York for work, I’d bend over backwards to get a cup from Dean & Deluca. I had my first cup at Paramount hotel’s d&d in midtown, next to a hobo, respectively. As I sipped my warm, buttery cup with my pee smelling friend, I couldn’t find a better moment to celebrate my first trip to nyc. I had always dreamed of entering their amazing store in Soho since its one of the best for a food gawker like myself. When I finally had a chance to visit the market, I absorbed every minute of it.  The market itself is immaculate & the smells coming from the bakery & the coffee, made me weak in the knees. Hands down best coffee I’ve ever had. So for my birthday, my bf sent me a little d&d package filled with a great assortment of coffee  since I’m always dreaming about it & can’t physically be in nyc. If your looking to expand your coffee palate or just looking for a great little gift check out http://www.dean&deluca.com, under “gifts” for this little gem. enjoy!dean-and-deluca