Monica is…ready for San Francisco.


I am so excited to get out of LA for a bit. I haven’t been able to travel as much as I’d like, but I really hope that changes. Every once in while, its nice to get out of your comfortable surroundings & explore a new place or revisit a favorite haunt. I’m heading to San Francisico this weekend & for me trips always represent an opportunity to try some new food. We are staying near Union Square & I’m already craving my favorite breakfast from a cheesy fake 50’s diner, Lori’s Diner. Filled with random crap on the wall, served with a side of nostalgia & delicious American food.


Monica is…glad Canters exists.


Thank God for Canters on Fairfax, my friend can get a slice of Russian cake & hard liquor, while I chomp down on a Belgum waffle. Why the hell isn’t this bar/diner idea more prevenlant around L.A.? Its simply perfect. It’s kitsch at it’s best: vintage decor, live blues blaring from the bar, & plates & mugs “kissing” as waitresses fly by. One stop shop!