#locallyinspired | let’s do larchmont with domino magazine

i had such a great time working with domino magazine regarding their #locallyinspired series. i wanted to chose a part of los angeles that is relatively not on most peoples’ radar: larchmont village. enjoy the original tour here

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Monica is…dreaming of a homelife with central air.

So, through these miserable hot days in LA, I have been dying in my apartment. It’s a quaint place, but it has no air-conditioning! Aside from checking out fashion blogs, magazines, & sipping iced coffee, I grew misty eyed thinking about the demise of Domino Magazine. I loved flipping through the many spreads & wondered how I was going to replace this monthly joy? Months later, I found the perfect (yet pricey) alternative, Living etc! Too bad it’s a British publication. Here are just a few of my favorite shots. I dream of the day when owning a home will be possible & having a walk-in closet is a must! F-you stuffy apartment!

fmlmodernlifekitchenyellowvinatge kitchen
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