elm coffee roasters…

my love & respect for coffee culture hasn’t wavered. i’ve recently decided that if i’m visiting a city, that i will bring back some locally roasted coffee from a shop. it’s an easy keepsake, that packs well & that i can enjoy for weeks, while i remember facets of my trip. for my second time in seattle, i had a chance to swing by pioneer square & visit elm coffee roasters. it was an airy space, in a gorgeous old building with room for a roaster, taking center stage. the wood work & the thoughtfully designed space lends itself to the amazing light that creeps in from the street windows. i think i’m most drawn to coffee shops with minimal design & the least amount of distractions. yes, the “bells & whistles” are great, but if i’m going out of my way to visit a shop, i want the focus on the coffee & the service. much like la, there is no shortage of coffee shops, but this one was high on my list to experience. the staff were so inviting & my drink was expertly crafted, but i enjoyed the sounds of people hanging out “talking shop”. the customers were gathered near the bar with the staff asking questions. i’ve learned to appreciate this mini education everywhere i go. i want & look forward to the crew telling me what i should try & what they are most proud of. as someone who works in the service industry myself, i’m always impressed with the level of excitement & pride each shop has. if you’re near pioneer square, pay this place a visit! 

elm coffee roasters  |  240 2nd avenue south seattle, wa 98104