Monica is…a she wolf.

Today has been one of those easy, feeling good days. I went on a hike earlier & got my sweat on! I’ve been on this getting in shape kick. I was feeling like such a slob these past few months & that muffintop, I loathed on others was slowly making its way onto my favorite pair of jeans. Ugg! So in the spirit of Shakira‘s new video She Wolf, I’m gonna keep working my buns off because after looking at this….no more junk food! She looooks amazing!

la loba

la loba

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Monica is…wishing a mile a minute.


There’s nothing like seeing this right before I start my walking regime. It’s someones home near my job & every time I see it, I can’t help but smile. It’s actually the first house I see when I’m heading to work. I have never seen anybody come out of this house, but I’d like to think they have oodles of money & are pretty cool folks. You have to be…I suppose, if your kooky enough to build a well & a bridge on your front lawn. Make a wish.