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summer loves…

summer loves

summer is in full effect & these lazy days are filled with warm nights, bbq’s with friends, & endless daydreaming. perfect for those pinterest nights where you just can’t stop pinning. (here’s my profile & join in on the fun!) i’ve been on a kick & for those who still aren’t on or don’t get it; you don’t know what your missing!

  who doesn’t want to be endlessly inspired?

here are three loves that i stumbled upon & can’t stop wishing i could wear as my uniform… 

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ralph lauren spring 2013…


everytime i’m out shopping or around town, i keep thinking about this specific ralph lauren collection from his spring 2013 runway show. the colors, the flowiness of the fabrics & the bold shots of color. i’m on the hunt for things that remind me of these girls. being a lover of winter, i’m sort of shocked i’m welcoming the warm weather for a chance to wear something reminiscent a spring/summer in spain… bougainvilleas & sangria anyone?  

it suits you…

it suits you

suit me up

it suits you 2so this suit & tie thing has gone to my head.. (thanks justin!) i have this striking urge to wear skinny & bow ties, white crisp shirts, & watch annie hall. i wouldn’t mind trying this androgynous look, packed with a punch of red lip color…how about you? 

shirt check…

madewell shirts

hope everyone’s year is off to a great and positive start! i can’t wait to dive into new projects & plan much needed vacations…xx

today after visiting madewell at the americana, i can’t help but lust over these perfect shirts! they are so clean and would be great additions to any spring wardrobe, preferably mine! i have decided to challenge myself this year & purchase only things with “classic” appeal. no trendy stuff is going to sit in my closet anymore, year after year & wait for the great toss-out to goodwill. it stops now. what are some of your fashion goals this year? let’s hear ’em…

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