Monica is…crazy for komodo.

never giving up a chance to try new flavors, i ventured in search of the komodo food truck (’s jennifer auvil named them one of the top 12 trucks out there), which was parked on the miracle mile stretch during lunch time. known for their yummy fish & grape tacos (yes, the combination of the two is amazingly fitting)  & truffle fries, i had to join the line of die-hard regulars waiting to chomp on their faves. food trucks are such a craze in la, but these fries were so delicious that i’d stalk this portable restaurant anywhere. i think i may need to drench everything i eat in truffle oil…

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Monica is…in burger heaven.

need I say more?

Oh, The Habit...

So, I guess unofficially, burgers must be my favorite food. I seem to enjoy these cheesy things more than anything I eat. I love them & I can really dissect whats really good or bad about one. One of my top places to visit is The Habit Burger Grill. Not to be confused with the other Habit in West L.A. I think this place is better. The meat is delicious & chargrilled layered with cheese & grilled onions. yummy! The shakes are thick, rich & sinful, perfect after a crappy day at work. It nourishes the soul & star-wipes all evil away. The Habit Burger Grill 249 N Glendale Ave  Glendale, CA 91206.


This is calories galore

cheesy corners

cheesy corner bliss

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Monica is…in fast food heaven.


It’s magazine arrival week & nearly fell over when I saw the cover for Los Angeles Magazine dedicated to cheap eats! Seeing how everything is “recession” targeted, I can really appreciate the breakdown. It’s taken the best of the best from tacos, pizza, hot dogs to burgers & fries. Most are under $15 & a perfect excuse to explore more of the changing LA restaurant/retail landscape.  Feeling inspired to try new cheap eats, (restaurants close way too early in LA) I settled for the new Jack in The Box mini sirloin burgers & they are suprisingly sublime. Three cheesy, burgers filled with grilled onions, ketchup on a soft buttery bun. (I did add some mustard which made them deliciously complete) For under $6 bucks it’s enough to keep me thinking about them the next day—-cheesy goodness.