my x-mas lust list…

it’s that time of the year where everyone has their gift list & then their personal lust list! i know i do! mine just happens to have handbags & these are my picks for this holiday season. i’m really loving smaller compacted pieces or that one unexpected jolt of color. love bags as much as i do? follow me on pinterest and share your faves! 

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new 2011 bag obsessions!

it’s not even been a few days & already i’m obsessed with a few bags! not too much frill or hardware, just function & durability! i’m looking for a great everyday bag thats not heavy (like i’m lugging a 10 pound weight phew!) to follow me through my travels. {shown from anthropologie & quote by however}

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topshop travel bags…

Monica is…glad it’s a new year!

Hi!!! I’m back for a quick post! My computer is still shambles, but I thought I would briefly update. I never thought I would love blogging soo much. It first started out as a hobby. A way to challenge myself  & write about things I’m passionate about. Its a new year & I’m excited about what the new year will bring. New opportunities, new connections, & new rewards! Like most people at the start of a new year, we set goals in hopes of welcoming change. I have set personal goals of my own (blog, career, relationships etc) & hope these changes make me a better & happier person.  Last year was a tough one for most & this year I wish everyone the best of luck & happiness! A new year, also means new bags & shoes….xo! Clare Vivier your killing me…

Isn’t this baby messenger bag killer?

Monica is…grey, gray, eh whatever!

Most girls at one time or another have had a childhood obsession with Hello Kitty & her cute little friends! Now that I’m older, I still get excited about the perpetually cuteness! I love how “grown up” this suede carry-all bag & wallet are. It surely has the Chanel influence, but I think that’s what makes it so sleek & perfect for someone who loves pop art.

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