at helms…

it’s been far too long since i’ve blogged! I suppose sometimes life literally gets in the way, but i’m excited to start running around la & snapping shots! one thing i love about instagram is how easily you can share a moment even if you can’t sit down for a post. (love the ease!) moving on, i recently found myself inheriting more apt space since some living changes occurred (bff moved out, but it’s all good!). its exciting, but also daunting. what do i do with all this other space? wanting ideas & inspiration, i headed to culver city to visit the helms bakery district, for h.d. buttercup & room & board. i love that soo many elements live under one roof & that i always find new ways to re-visit my space!

Oh breakfast…i love you.

Anyone who knows me well or reads this blog on a regular basis, knows I am a breakfast junkie. If I could I would eat it every single moment of the day. On my travels, I recently discovered La Dijonaise, a delicious French cafe with killer breakfast specials. It’s in the heart of the Culver City/Helms district & I’m disappointed I didn’t find this place sooner! (plus it’s right by the amazingly drool-worthy Room & Board store) The restaurant is light and airy & has an amazing selection of French pastries to enjoy with your yummy cup of coffee. Since discovering this little food haven, I’ve eaten here an obscene amount of times.  It’s won me over with it’s filling omelets & tasty savory crepes! Another reason to love breakfast… 8703 Washington Boulevard, Culver City California 90232 tel: (310) 287-2770

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