Monica is…being punished for eating Farmer Boys.


When you’ve been eating like a peasant for weeks on a limited budget, you start eating mounds of fast food because sometimes its cheaper than grocery shopping. My best chum & boyfriend, decided to have a quick bite at Farmer Boys, a 24 hour fast-food place off the 10 freeway. It’s awkwardly settled between all of these factories & truck stops in downtown LA. You have to hope your car is in pretty good shape because chances are you will lose an axle driving through the pothole-ridden street. Rough, but if your looking for cheap, semi-decent burgers & chili fries not bad if you don’t mind some company when your eating near a window. There’s always a new hobo-y friend, staring right at you as you take a bite of your juicy burger. It just gives me warm fuzzy feelings that you will almost always pay for later. Anyways, here’s their newest ad…geez quite the feast. All fried, all bad. Farm fresh?


Monica is…gonna start reading Hobo Magazine.


Saw this the other day at my usual magazine stand. Very compelling. Must read later when i’m feeling hobo-y.

Monica is…wishing she was in NYC for this glorious coffee.


I love coffee. I really do. I have it everyday. Its my elixer for a bad day, a comforting friend during a work break, & the best thing after a yummy meal. Once a upon a time when I would travel to New York for work, I’d bend over backwards to get a cup from Dean & Deluca. I had my first cup at Paramount hotel’s d&d in midtown, next to a hobo, respectively. As I sipped my warm, buttery cup with my pee smelling friend, I couldn’t find a better moment to celebrate my first trip to nyc. I had always dreamed of entering their amazing store in Soho since its one of the best for a food gawker like myself. When I finally had a chance to visit the market, I absorbed every minute of it.  The market itself is immaculate & the smells coming from the bakery & the coffee, made me weak in the knees. Hands down best coffee I’ve ever had. So for my birthday, my bf sent me a little d&d package filled with a great assortment of coffee  since I’m always dreaming about it & can’t physically be in nyc. If your looking to expand your coffee palate or just looking for a great little gift check out http://www.dean&, under “gifts” for this little gem. enjoy!dean-and-deluca