at helms…

it’s been far too long since i’ve blogged! I suppose sometimes life literally gets in the way, but i’m excited to start running around la & snapping shots! one thing i love about instagram is how easily you can share a moment even if you can’t sit down for a post. (love the ease!) moving on, i recently found myself inheriting more apt space since some living changes occurred (bff moved out, but it’s all good!). its exciting, but also daunting. what do i do with all this other space? wanting ideas & inspiration, i headed to culver city to visit the helms bakery district, for h.d. buttercup & room & board. i love that soo many elements live under one roof & that i always find new ways to re-visit my space!

monica is…throwing in the towel.

i’m not alone in saying that i miss domino magazine, dearly.

it was there that i could always find the most charming design ideas & shopping destinations for home decor.

i really miss their sections on kitchens & the immense amount of gadgets, organization & textiles.

i know its still on the web, but it just ain’t the same…

i’m looking to spruce the kitchen up again & these dishtowels from crate and  barrel & marimekko, are great bursts of color…


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