brew me another cup


i love lots of things. fashion, food, art & more, but i truly heart coffee. i’ve been drinking coffee since i was a kid. yes, a kid. i didn’t have milk with my breakfast & thank goodness my mother never took away the mug that i would steal sips from. i just loved the taste of it. the strong jolt & deep, rich flavor poured in every mug. so now as an adult nothing has changed.

“the happiness i feel sipping a great cup of espresso or an artfully poured latte is one of my great moments of the day, especially when you’re experiencing the work behind the process.”

so as the world continues to embrace the many growing roasting & speciality coffee shops sprouting in los angeles, i will keep enjoying the friendly people that gather & share my love for this special art form… 

handsome roasters single origin short cake coffee plus food cognoscenti coffee go get em tiger paper plastik cafe

a list of my favorite instagram coffee shops/roasters: 
handsome roasters
go get em tiger
cognoscenti coffee
wrecking ball coffee
verve coffee
oakwood roasted
sqirl coffee
bar nine coffee
intelligentsia venice
caffe luxxe
blue bottle coffee
la coffee club
g & b coffee
bru coffee bar
dripp coffee
ritual coffee
coava coffee

Umm, why did I just find out about this?

pillowtalkFor no particular reason, (other than he’s my music/foodie crush!) Mayer Hawthorne is awesome. Now even more so. I must find this and fill my greedy need for snobby coffee. Anyways here’s a few shots from Saturday night’s Hermosa Beach performance at Saint Rocke. He kept it classy even when a girl in the crowd was telling him to “take his pants off”. (ugg really? how un-classy!)  Pillow talk it is…   Intelligentsia Coffee Bar 323.663.6173 3922 W Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90029


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