Monica is…sick as a dog.

I’m so incredibly sick. I have this monster cold, and the weather in L.A. has been most annoying. 90 degrees one day, rain another, & now bearable partly sunny. I hate being sick it makes me want to do nothing, but I guess I should use this time to read, post & catch up with my “daily doses”.

blog 051clouds over the westside…blog 068

me so exited to get this issue in the mail! can’t wait to comb through it! i love food!

foodlover Joan’s On Third was in the issue…i could eat a million of these salty chips!

blog 057 got these the other day…I’m simply giddy for these chucks…



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Monica is…in fast food heaven.


It’s magazine arrival week & nearly fell over when I saw the cover for Los Angeles Magazine dedicated to cheap eats! Seeing how everything is “recession” targeted, I can really appreciate the breakdown. It’s taken the best of the best from tacos, pizza, hot dogs to burgers & fries. Most are under $15 & a perfect excuse to explore more of the changing LA restaurant/retail landscape.  Feeling inspired to try new cheap eats, (restaurants close way too early in LA) I settled for the new Jack in The Box mini sirloin burgers & they are suprisingly sublime. Three cheesy, burgers filled with grilled onions, ketchup on a soft buttery bun. (I did add some mustard which made them deliciously complete) For under $6 bucks it’s enough to keep me thinking about them the next day—-cheesy goodness.