Monica is…inspired.

Everytime I think about Lucas Zarebinski, he blows my mind. He is an amazing & talented photographer that takes a subject like food, accessories or drinks & makes them a work of art. The contrast in color & light makes just a regular ass sandwich pure debauchery. His work has been featured in LA Magazine, Men’s Health & countless others. When I muster up some cash for a new camera, he’ll be my inspiration. Check out the rest of his work on his personal page. FYI the B.L.T. is my favorite.




Monica is…glad Canters exists.


Thank God for Canters on Fairfax, my friend can get a slice of Russian cake & hard liquor, while I chomp down on a Belgum waffle. Why the hell isn’t this bar/diner idea more prevenlant around L.A.? Its simply perfect. It’s kitsch at it’s best: vintage decor, live blues blaring from the bar, & plates & mugs “kissing” as waitresses fly by. One stop shop!