solange for madewell…

totally inspired by this whole outfit. love how stylish solange looks!(i mean, when is she not?) another reason to get excited about madewell’s new campaign! can’t wait to see more…

Monica is…click happy with the Olsens.

I love blogging, but I love discovering other peoples blog & getting hooked! I found Olsens Anonymous, not too long ago & can’t get enough of these luscious shots! I find myself clicking on these beautifully archived pictures over & over again. Ahhhh….my daily dose of the Olsen twins: living in NYC, drinking their coffee, looking effortless, wearing the most exclusive gorgeous clothing ever, walking to work,  & vicariously walking in their footsteps….siggggggggghhhhh. Anyways enjoy it, I swear it’s going to be your guilty pleasure!

click it bitches!

click it bitches!

one of my favorites

one of my favorites

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Monica is…sharing the gift of Bradley Cooper.

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Monica is excited…for next tuesday!


Guess who’s gonna breathe some Rudd/Segel air? Yep, it’s me. Thanks to my dear friend who woke up at the crack of dawn to win tickets from Kroq, we get to go to the world premier of I Love You Man. St Patty’s day isn’t just gonna be ducking drunks & skanks dressed in short green outfits, It’s gonna be fun! Pics from the night coming soon!


Super fun, great light hearted movie, Paul was adorable…loved the night.


Monica is…loving the new march Nylon.


Magazines are easily one of my vices. Its a cheap thrill & way to escape the perils of daily life. Love, love, love when this one comes to my door! Pick this one up….its mighty thick this month chopped full of lovely spreads & music news!