monica is…in love with this bag.

there are many things that make me happy, but i literally get giddy when looking at handbags or clutches. it’s been an obsession since i can remember & perhaps i can blame my mother for her fashion influence. at times, i think that i should photograph all of them, so i can tell myself that i don’t need another! this recent purchase was an impulse, at the super cool bookmarc store (while shopping for christmas gifts), but it has literally made me re-think about the silly things that used to be in my huge purse. it’s become my go-to for every occasion. i think my shoulders are thanking me…

Can I please have this?

Omg, I want this…saw this while websurfing through Shopbop. I guess, I have become sort of obsessed with bows lately & who can help it? Bows are everywhere this spring, but this wallet makes me soo giddy. The lining is unmistakably Marc Jacobs; colorful & bold. I could totally see myself carrying this little plum treasure & enjoy shopping just a tad more when grabbing my debit card…xo

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