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monica is…all about that plant life.

purple house plantso after a stressful start to the year (some swift changes were made to get back on track!), i decided that i really wanted to commit to “relaxing”. although it is not always easy to get back & simplify, it was an important thing i wanted to at least try to do. i shifted my diet, exercise came back into my life, & gardening. yes, gardening. as a child, it was a first love and something that was a fun thing to do with my family. we were & still are a lover of plants, the outdoors, & anything your bare hands can cultivate and grow. after i was given a small pot with the most amazing specimen of succulent, alas the desire came back! its the little things. i’m a few weeks into my hobby & now my fashion haunts have turned into lowes trips, which i’m loving more everyday…

a beautiful mess

image from a beautiful mess

 from the brickhouse

image from the brickhouse


image from the brickhouse

image from the brickhouse
image from the brickhouse


summer loves…

summer loves

summer is in full effect & these lazy days are filled with warm nights, bbq’s with friends, & endless daydreaming. perfect for those pinterest nights where you just can’t stop pinning. (here’s my profile & join in on the fun!) i’ve been on a kick & for those who still aren’t on or don’t get it; you don’t know what your missing!

  who doesn’t want to be endlessly inspired?

here are three loves that i stumbled upon & can’t stop wishing i could wear as my uniform… 

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