Monica is…still trying to give United States of Tara a chance.


Before I hit work again, I decided to free up some DVR space & watch some shows that popped up. Diablo Cody is this unconventional cinderella story, of an undercover stripper turned screenwriter/journalist/oscar winner & now Steven Spielberg wingman with a new sitcom on Showtime. Granted Juno, gave her an Oscar & seeing that I thought the movie was somewhat charming because of Ellen Page & Michael Cera. I really tried to give this chick some props for accomplishing such a fluke rise. I say this only because I was genuinely excited when she won the oscar. She was this rocker-ish looking gal in a leopard dress, essentially out of place amongst all these hollywood-types. So, now this new show comes out, United States Of Tara & I’m excited to continue hearing the sarcastic blurbs & silly references that made me get excited for a hamburger phone. Yet, as I watch the first episode it’s an immediate snore fest. Nothing remarkable memorable or catchy. Nothing to quote the next day. Just bland mcblandness. Crap, crap, crap. I say to myself, “ehh, it will be better the next time”, except it really doesn’t. The characters are all cast wrong. For some odd reason, they leave me blindsided like a restaurant with good food, but with shitty service. I told myself I was done, yet I still ear-hustle the show when my boyfriend watches it, waiting for that one brilliant line to snap me up from the computer screen. Utter disappointment. Oh well, I will still non-watch to this show in hopes of hearing “foodbaby” or “homeskillet”. Ugg, Diablo don’t let me down.