Monica is…poor.



So I am supposed to get this other idea for a blog up and running but its been lagging for lack of funds. I have been soo impatient and restless about it & all I can do with my friend is complain about how little funds we need. Damn it. Is there a website where I can beg for money? I believe this may already exist. Perhaps the recession has dried up that well.

Monica is…in fast food heaven.


It’s magazine arrival week & nearly fell over when I saw the cover for Los Angeles Magazine dedicated to cheap eats! Seeing how everything is “recession” targeted, I can really appreciate the breakdown. It’s taken the best of the best from tacos, pizza, hot dogs to burgers & fries. Most are under $15 & a perfect excuse to explore more of the changing LA restaurant/retail landscape.  Feeling inspired to try new cheap eats, (restaurants close way too early in LA) I settled for the new Jack in The Box mini sirloin burgers & they are suprisingly sublime. Three cheesy, burgers filled with grilled onions, ketchup on a soft buttery bun. (I did add some mustard which made them deliciously complete) For under $6 bucks it’s enough to keep me thinking about them the next day—-cheesy goodness.


Monica is…trying to eat recession friendly.

grilled chicken

When you live around here, markets have the shittiest variety of veggies & poor meat. I have a Food4Less across the street & I never go there. (Food4Less is a market in LA that sucks ass, medicine, baby formula, & liquor are in cages) It’s pretty horrible & if your in there chances are the person paying right in front has a 400z beer, reeks of cigarettes & talking to themselves. I hate dealing with this shit, so I often drive pretty far to find yummy things to make for dinner. Sadly there is no fresh farmers market here. Although sometimes, I don’t have the energy to sit in traffic & I find myself snagging goods in the most unlikely places. Tonight’s dinner was pretty much supplied from the 99cent store & a small yet efficient min-market by my house. Yep, those pretty asparagus & fresh zucchini, a deal at just a buck each.  Grilled chicken, soft jasmine rice, oven roasted veggies topped with parmesan cheese. So you see kids, there’s lots of cheap, healthy things to eat around here, if you look hard enough.