tortas condesa in seattle…

my love for seattle has only grown stronger & i’m incredibly impressed with the food scene here. the second time around (i’ve been here twice in one year!), I hit up a local for their favorite new spots & monica dimas’s, tortas condesa came up high on the list. it was one of my last meals, of a 4-day seattle trip. so i trekked up to the beautiful capital hill neighborhood where this bright, sunny stand calls home. first thing you’ll notice is the smell. chorizo & grilled onions fill the sleepy street & hungry people poke their heads into the walk-up counter to order up. i order two amazing stuffed tortas: chorizo & pulled pork & they didn’t disappoint. with a bottled coke in hand & chomps of jalapeños, i quickly inhale them & sit wishing for more. the flavors were nostalgic & instantly felt like homemade goodness. the familiar tastes of a true mexican torta from a street stand or that your mom would pack for lunch. throughout my whole trip, i found myself drawn into seattle. not only from the kindness of people, but the care & pride in their food. it was in that moment after i ate those tortas that i thought, “i could live here”. monica dimas, you nailed this flavor. – m.

tortas condesa  |  1510 e olive way, seattle, wa 98122