i can’t even keep up with all of the styles, i love from clare vivier. i truly believe she’s mastered the art of simplicity. never have i been so smitten with a handbag designer’s ideas & practicality, especially with this timeless duffel (“duffle”, however you wanna spell it!) creation. i’m excited to finally get the messenger bag in azul (in november! can’t wait!), but for now i will lust this one from afar…

| find it here |

steven alan spring 2011…

this is exactly the style of dress i’d like to channel. the soft fabrics, neutral colors, & sweet accessories make me long for the summery days to come. steven alan has the effortless parisian look, down to a science.

steven alan 1937 1/2 Hillhurst Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027-2711 (323) 667-9500

neutrals & j.w. hulme

there’s no denying that parisian women are beyond stylish & she’s no exception. (from the sartorialist) her outfit is simple & softly layered with all these shades of coffee, mocha, & sage. when i recently ventured to the steven alan outpost, j.w. hulme’s bags & super sunglasses remind me of her flawless look.


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