i can’t even keep up with all of the styles, i love from clare vivier. i truly believe she’s mastered the art of simplicity. never have i been so smitten with a handbag designer’s ideas & practicality, especially with this timeless duffel (“duffle”, however you wanna spell it!) creation. i’m excited to finally get the messenger bag in azul (in november! can’t wait!), but for now i will lust this one from afar…

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catching up…

i’ve been so busy with work & other projects (its kinda great!) that i’ve been using instagram to capture everything for me! got a disneyland pass to take me back to childlike times, eating at my favorite breakfast place at the moment, & breaking out the neon nail polish! 

pink splash…

can’t help but feel super drawn to anything summery and super bright, especially pink. i’ve been in an unexplainable funk, (weather related) that the idea of ordering up a cocktail, feet up, in palm springs, sounds amazing. the fact that it’s already april is a bit scary, (time sneaks up pretty fast!) but i’m super excited to wipe these blues away!

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Monica is…ready for San Francisco.


I am so excited to get out of LA for a bit. I haven’t been able to travel as much as I’d like, but I really hope that changes. Every once in while, its nice to get out of your comfortable surroundings & explore a new place or revisit a favorite haunt. I’m heading to San Francisico this weekend & for me trips always represent an opportunity to try some new food. We are staying near Union Square & I’m already craving my favorite breakfast from a cheesy fake 50’s diner, Lori’s Diner. Filled with random crap on the wall, served with a side of nostalgia & delicious American food.


Monica is…awaiting travel time.

I will be traveling soon, so I thought I’d show my favorite new products to making globe trotting more fun!