v-day love…

v day love v day love 2i can’t help it, i love valentine’s day (the stuff, not the pressure!) & all the copious amounts of pink & red everywhere. pinterest is a dream right now & these are some of my favorites. scanning through these pins are inspiring & perhaps these colors just help lighten up my mood! 

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v-day love…

Monica is…all a flutter.

I’m not a huge valentine’s day fan (why should love be celebrated only one day?), but I do love all the insanely cute stuff that is made! I can’t help, but be charmed by all these sweet heart patterns & candy colored things… Yummy enough to eat! Well, if these were edible of course!

burberry heart bonanza!

so sweet & dainty!

no words...just stunningly perfect.

luckily it's raining quite enough in la for an umbrella this cute!

eeekkk! these are too cute!!!