Monica is…waiting patiently to try Jollibee. again.

I’m trying to fight this beasty cold/flu, so that I can get back to my food adventures. By no means am I a “foodie” since being a foodie requires an ample availability of funds. When I had a less crappy job, I felt there was no better way to spend some disposable income then on food. It’s delicious. It’s comforting. It makes me really happy. Nothing is better than a delicious juicy steak or a greasy bunch of sweet potato fries. In fact, if I had won a date with a choice of Brad Pitt or Anthony Bourdain…yep it would be Bourdain. We would go on our date, have witty talk about food and I’d chuckle at his trademark snarkiness, have sexual relations then he’d make me some french food worthy of another go around. Brad is good too, I guess if he didn’t have all of those kids…yeech. While watching the Oscars, I thought to myself meow, meow, then I remembered that he was ruined by Miss Angie. Viles of blood? Sex with Billy Bob? To this?

Every time I drive on Beverly near Vermont, I smile at the complete randomness of this ridiculous fast-food establishment. I’ve had a run in with this place, once before at the god-awful eagle rock plaza. Mostly filled with grocery stores, a payless, nail salons, & tons of screaming kids, me & the other half decided that after an exhausting romp at a nearby Target, we needed food. Pronto. Our choices were slim: a wingstop, questionable noodle place, or this strange, colorful curiousity. Jolliebee (upon later investigation) is the number 1 fast-food chain in the Philippines. Unlike our normal middle-aged, Ronald McDonald who enjoys bouncing around with kids & eating fries, their non-human counterpart is dressed like a hotel worker & a top hat. ehh?


We looked up at the perplexing menu of weird food combinations. Chickenjoy? Spaghetti? Palabok?. We chose the less threatening, although I seriously debated the Palabok, which consisted of chicharon pork bits, egg & shrimp slices. (i’m mexican, chicharon is a weak spot) I can’t even remember if the food was great, or if the terrible tummy ache that ensued later was worth all the trouble, but I had to try & conquer this wacky spot. It was up there with Wienerschnitzel for worlds worst, fast food cleanse. They have a new tunapie out. What can I say? I like pain.

2 thoughts on “Monica is…waiting patiently to try Jollibee. again.

  1. diane says:

    hey I’m from the Philippines and yep it’s our no.1 fast food chain. I like it better than Macdonald’s. I like its chicken better. Every kids here wants to eat there ‘coz jollibee is friendly.

  2. dangerbowie says:

    I’ll piggyback on your comment if I may, Diane. I recently tried Jollibee, located inside of the southern california’s most undesirable mall. I found the Yumm burger to be mediocre but I will give it a second try because the thought of that Tuna pie has my tastebuds doin’ the tootsie roll. (a dance movement from the 1994 song “Tootsie Roll” by the 69 Boyz)

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