Monica is…a nerd by association.


Last night from work I settled into my usual routine: pj uniform, cup of joe, watch my DVR stories & of course read the gossip from the day. I was enjoying my vege-fest & decided to take a cat nap since I was getting a bad case of the sleepytimes. Naps usual turn into hours of unpleasant sleep since I was always over do it & wake up feeling like I slung a few drinks. But this time I was awoken by my boyfriend at around 11:30pm to watch a movie. I rolled over rather disgruntled & payed no mind. Then he said “No you have to get up we’re watching Watchmen, remember?” Damn. I had forgotten that our good friend had previously purchased these tickets & only remembered them until now. I was soo warm I didn’t want to drag my ass out of bed, but oh well off we went. I figured this was going to be a typical gathering of 20  to 30 somethings, geeky, mostly men, & dressed up like the characters—— Yep, just as I had suspected. Just standing in the line with half of these guys made me sulk inside. I wanted to see this movie since its a great story based on a comic, but geez I’m not hard-core with this comic shit. I would never agree to watching a movie this late for “opening date” again. EVER. The monstrosities of nerd outfits were increasingly too much for my fashion sensitive eyes. Noooo! The giggles during the sex scenes were so lame & rolled my eyes in disgust. I truly believe half of these boys hadn’t actually seen a boob, so dear lord please watch this movie at a normal hour & don’t agree to these ridiculous show times. Stay tucked in.

One thought on “Monica is…a nerd by association.

  1. dangerbowie says:

    Call it geekiness but the whole event is hilarious to watch. Those nerdys have no shame in the dead of night. I’d do it again in a second except next time for a movie that wasn’t so, well, mediocre.

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