Monica is…on a expensive tuna kick.


For the past week & half, I had a craving for all things tuna. I had somehow weened myself off of it when I had a bad batch, but I decided to treat myself the other day. I had been eating twigs & berries to save money but I just can’t take it anymore. My co-workers & I have exhausted our Trader Joes’s mystery packs & hate it when one of those good ideas at the market taste like crap at lunch. I looked into this lunch special at this sushi place by my job, and oh man soo amazing. Its deliciously spicy, fresh buttery tuna on a bed of greens and rice for $12 bucks. An order really meant for 2 people but I hungrily ate that shit as if I was never going to eat well again. I instantly though to myself “How the hell are you going to afford to eat this again for lunch?” I had a panicked moment like a drug fiend searching for a way in to more crack. I knew now I’d have to have it once a week. I briefly related to those damn druggies at the motel next to my apartment. Thinking… “Is this how they feel when they have their goods?” Only for a second, then realized it was only tuna. Damn, fine tuna. So tonight as a reward for enduring another awful day at work, I ordered my spicy tuna tray & waited patiently. While I waited, a silent, older, couple sat in front of me. They too had an amazing spread of rolls & sushi, yet they sat silent not even looking at each other. That’s fucking sad. I have this thing with dinner mutes. How could you not have fun eating? You have to be a complete square not to have anything to talk about. Fuck I’d make some shit up just so I didn’t look pathetic to the other people eating. Geez nobody wants to sit next to a table like that. You start feeling to guilty about the great time your having. Yeech…The milk has gone sour in that relationship.


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