Monica is…tuning into Bravo’s NYC Prep

real life gossip girl

the preps?

real life gossip girl?

real life gossip girl?

I have no shame, I watch reality TV. Why fight it? Sure I watch “real” shows, like Nurse Jackie, Weeds, Dexter etc, but nothing keeps me as glued as watching another persons daily life. Now more than ever, our socializing habits have turned our generation into these rabid information hounds. Who better to bring me into someone else’s “world” than Bravo, with their new show NYC Prep. New York will forever fascinate me, & these kids make Gossip Girl look like child’s play. These people are not characters, they are the privileged, rich, spoiled & sometimes bubble trapped offspring of the Upper West & East Side. Although they can be bratty at times, they speak the truth when it comes to the realities of money, fame & “who you know”. They can sound a bit “abrasive” & we sound “jealous”  saying they are terrible people…but is it because a part of us, would want to see what it’s like? Umm yeah…I would trade this bag of ramen for an STK dinner any day…poor is not cool.

texting is the new talking

texting is the new talking

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One thought on “Monica is…tuning into Bravo’s NYC Prep

  1. dangerbowie says:

    These ladies have made the cover of America’s finest magazine: Us Weekly alongside our beloved “Coop”. The atmosphere is a buzz and I think someone said something about one of the “housewives” and her past with a Colombian drug cartel. Oh Bravo, you are struggling to become the next VH1, I salute you and your cultural relevance.

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