Monica is…exhausted from all the week’s events.

It’s been a tough week of celebrity news…The last time I remember such an outpour was when Princess Diana died & for months TV, magazines, books & any type of media had her face plastered all over. I expect the next few weeks to be the same, with the passing of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, & the bizarre death of Billy Mays.  I think the most interesting thing about Michael’s death, is the many generations laced with stories, memories & devotion to the “King of Pop”. Every single person I’ve spoken to, can recollect a story or a profound experience involving his music, his persona or his scandal.  It is shocking & mind blowing how anyone “larger than life” always has such a tragic existence & Michael will probably remain one of the most prolific deaths of my generation.

arrives on newstands Monday

arrives on newstands Monday

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