Monica is…in love. Oh Clare Vivier…


So, after Tasha Nita Adams from Mondette, formerly Blackburn & Sweetzer (incredible L.A. blog!), posted this gorgeous navy messenger bag from Clare Vivier, I fell in love with the simple, clean lines of this buttery looking bag. Such a perfect size for everyday & the best part is that you can wear it two ways! I seriously have been on this “messenger bag” kick ever since I purchased a mid-size black, Marc by Marc Jacobs & a Coach style,  a few months back. Clare’s messenger bag comes in four great colors (black, aubergine, gray & brown) perfect to match fall outfits! I think I’m love…cause I can’t stop thinking about it…gotta save my rainy day money for this…



These Belle by Sigerson Morrison boots would look so great with the gray bag…

gray boot

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