Monica is…holiday web-browsing.

The fact that turkey day is this Thursday & that Christmas is in a few weeks scares me. I felt that last year was the poorest x-mas ever, but maybe this one may take the cake. Yeech. The general consensus amongst most people will agree. Wandering around malls can be totally overwhelming & truthfully I’m not sure how i’m going to pull “holiday” out of a magic hat this year. Amidst ugly sweaters, reindeer socks & the dreaded $10 and under giftcard (on a side note…why people do this boggles the mind unless its coffee don’t bother) there lies Fred & Friends! Whenever it arrives at work, I can’t help but smile at the sheer amount of imagination! It’s always priced right & these new products are here just in time for holidays! My fave the measuring cups….

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