Monica is…making lists.

For me, making lists is a great way to organize my thoughts & goals. I’m a huge believer in writing things down & crossing things off as you complete tasks. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing personal goals off your list dwindle down & there’s no better way to do this than in a stylish notebook or handy pad. I love Moleskine for their simplicity & design. I don’t need huge bells & whistles, just good organization that makes sense. So, naturally when I saw these colorful editions, my head filled with plenty of things to jot down in these superb journals! One, two, three…go!

such a great idea!

pretty impressions…

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2 thoughts on “Monica is…making lists.

  1. nbuczynski says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE moleskin, they just feel so good and are nice and bendy. I have the planner that has the days of the week on the left and ruled lines on the right…its perfect for keeping appointments as well as for making extensive lists (which I am obsessed with).

    XX Niki

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