tortas condesa in seattle…

my love for seattle has only grown stronger & i’m incredibly impressed with the food scene here. the second time around (i’ve been here twice in one year!), I hit up a local for their favorite new spots & monica dimas’s, tortas condesa came up high on the list. it was one of my last meals, of a 4-day seattle trip. so i trekked up to the beautiful capital hill neighborhood where this bright, sunny stand calls home. first thing you’ll notice is the smell. chorizo & grilled onions fill the sleepy street & hungry people poke their heads into the walk-up counter to order up. i order two amazing stuffed tortas: chorizo & pulled pork & they didn’t disappoint. with a bottled coke in hand & chomps of jalapeños, i quickly inhale them & sit wishing for more. the flavors were nostalgic & instantly felt like homemade goodness. the familiar tastes of a true mexican torta from a street stand or that your mom would pack for lunch. throughout my whole trip, i found myself drawn into seattle. not only from the kindness of people, but the care & pride in their food. it was in that moment after i ate those tortas that i thought, “i could live here”. monica dimas, you nailed this flavor. – m.

tortas condesa  |  1510 e olive way, seattle, wa 98122

revolutionario north african tacos

angelenos are very particular about their tacos. most have about 2-3 taco spots they frequent for different flavors, condiments, or late night bites. so when chef farid zadi opened his new restaurant revolutionario north african tacos near home (hey south la!), i had to try them. they were honestly some the best tacos, i’ve ever tried. the spice combo was unlike anything i’d had before, yet they had the familiar feeling of some of my favorite tacos. he even has a unique pickled goods bar where you can layer even more flavor atop the deliciously tender meats or grilled veggies. i’m sure to become a regular fan of these…

revolutionario north african tacos restaurant  |  1436 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007

vernetti larchmont…

i had the loveliest breakfast at vernetti larchmont, but i couldn’t help take photos of the light filled interiors. such a beautiful space with the most delicious food to match. so lucky to have this place near my job… 

vernetti larchmont // 225 N. Larchmont Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90004 

dodger stadium & montejo…

it’s summer & i’ve been spending a lot of time at dodger stadium. i’ve finally have come to appreciate the little things about this glorious park. the lights, the game, & yes all the delicious food! montejo beer along with latina bloggers connect, were gracious enough to invite us to an incredible dinner by the dodger dugout. chef edie ruiz (corazon y miel) arranged the most beautiful tailgate-inspired spread. the night was so much fun & i’m so happy to have been apart of this amazing group of people. 

montejo dodger lbconnect 3

montejo dodger lbconnect 2

this was a sponsored post from montejo beer & lbconnect 

monica is catching up…




hi guys! it’s been quite awhile since i’ve updated, but things are well and changing. i was working quite a bit and took on an internship that then developed into a new job! it’s quite exciting to start something new & figure things out. new is always good. in the meantime, i’ve been exploring new places (coffee shops, yep i can’t resist them!) & eating brilliant things. for now i leave you with shots from dripp in chino hills. this place is quite glorious, really. i mean, look at this place! i wish this wasn’t so far from me, i swear i would be here every single day. they have superb coffee and the staff is super nice (plus if you know what bruxies is you’ll know why this is an added plus near dripp) enjoy! 

dripp 13855 City Center Dr #3015, Chino Hills, CA 91709 twitter @dripp