monica is catching up…




hi guys! it’s been quite awhile since i’ve updated, but things are well and changing. i was working quite a bit and took on an internship that then developed into a new job! it’s quite exciting to start something new & figure things out. new is always good. in the meantime, i’ve been exploring new places (coffee shops, yep i can’t resist them!) & eating brilliant things. for now i leave you with shots from dripp in chino hills. this place is quite glorious, really. i mean, look at this place! i wish this wasn’t so far from me, i swear i would be here every single day. they have superb coffee and the staff is super nice (plus if you know what bruxies is you’ll know why this is an added plus near dripp) enjoy! 

dripp 13855 City Center Dr #3015, Chino Hills, CA 91709 twitter @dripp 

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