Monics is…ashamed she likes watching Charm School.

charm school

I think there is something wrong with me. Just when I think i’m better than most “simple” folk, I go and watch shit like Charm School. I love it more because Ricki Lake is hosting & I grew misty-eyed thinking about her amazing talkshow. After school I would watch the “real” reality shows; Jenny Jones, Richard Bey, BC Maury Povich & countless other crappy talk shows, then discuss them the next day in class. I guess, its in my nature to love watching ghetto ass women scream & belittle each other with grade school taunts. I can’t help to root for certain girls & hate others for being soo damn hatable. Why do I watch stuff like this? The Hills? and any other VH1 show? Sometimes I wish I was my younger self, only to timetravel back & watch decent TV. Geez, I am soo ashamed…

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Monics is…so happy she found this.

Monica is…sick of these flyers on my car!


If you live in the ghetto, advertising is done in the way of these damn little pieces of paper! Ahhh! Almost everday I will come out of my apartment & find one of these little prizes wedged into my door. Insurance, rug cleaning, ehh I don’t even know anymore. It’s hard to keep track. I could probably start collecting these like trading cards. I wish I could catch these guys & scream off the top of my lungs “No Mas cards!” Perhaps I will counteract this by putting my own flyer saying this. Arrrg!