Monics is…ashamed she likes watching Charm School.

charm school

I think there is something wrong with me. Just when I think i’m better than most “simple” folk, I go and watch shit like Charm School. I love it more because Ricki Lake is hosting & I grew misty-eyed thinking about her amazing talkshow. After school I would watch the “real” reality shows; Jenny Jones, Richard Bey, BC Maury Povich & countless other crappy talk shows, then discuss them the next day in class. I guess, its in my nature to love watching ghetto ass women scream & belittle each other with grade school taunts. I can’t help to root for certain girls & hate others for being soo damn hatable. Why do I watch stuff like this? The Hills? and any other VH1 show? Sometimes I wish I was my younger self, only to timetravel back & watch decent TV. Geez, I am soo ashamed…

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