cutest coffee cup ever…

okay so im usually drawn to things that have the “cute” factor. its great when i find things that i need for everyday, but that also put a smile on my face. so the other day, i headed to one of my favorite shops lundeens in culver city ( i can never go in there without buying something!) & found this little guy from the line zuny. needless to say, he’s been my coffee buddy ever since…

Is summer here yet?

Perhaps, I’m just incredibly impatient. Summer needs to be here pronto! I’m generally a winter person, who loves the chill & any excuse to wear a coat in LA. Yet there’s nothing better than the ease of warm breezes, sunsets at 8pm, & carefree  days. As the weather improves, I can’t help but seize moments & capture little snapshots of some favorite places. Some of these textures make me yearn for pops of color & gleaming metallic, ideal for my new summer staples…let the summer wish list begin!

the ceiling at the conga room, downtown la

the best $9 canvas tote & demi going safari

my "go to" stationary haunt, lundeen's in culver city

the shades of milky grays...

nothing more relaxing than water rippling

i must find a sundress with these colors

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