Is summer here yet?

Perhaps, I’m just incredibly impatient. Summer needs to be here pronto! I’m generally a winter person, who loves the chill & any excuse to wear a coat in LA. Yet there’s nothing better than the ease of warm breezes, sunsets at 8pm, & carefree  days. As the weather improves, I can’t help but seize moments & capture little snapshots of some favorite places. Some of these textures make me yearn for pops of color & gleaming metallic, ideal for my new summer staples…let the summer wish list begin!

the ceiling at the conga room, downtown la

the best $9 canvas tote & demi going safari

my "go to" stationary haunt, lundeen's in culver city

the shades of milky grays...

nothing more relaxing than water rippling

i must find a sundress with these colors

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2 thoughts on “Is summer here yet?

  1. emhernandez04 says:

    Hi Mon!
    I love your blog :). It definitely brightens up my days. Thank you for your sharing your knowledge and favorite places to eat. I always get hungry reading some of your posts, hehe. Miss you, sister!


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