Monica is…thrilled Kat Dennings is on NYLON!


Kat Dennings is on NYLON Magazine’s “Young Hollywood” issue! Everytime she appears on magazines or in interviews, I actually look forward to reading about what she has to say. She’s trully charming & I can’t wait to see her in The Answer Man formally Arlen Faber playing a spacey hippie (funny enough not what she is) & Robert Rodriguez’s Shorts. Olivia Thirlby is also on the cover & has the quick wit to keep up with Dennings in their “coffee tawk”, with Nylon’s Stephanie Trong. Here’s a few quotes I loved…

On “Perfect Hollywood”—-“Hopefully, the tide is turning. Personally, when I see a movie starring the perfect blah girl with the hunk guy, I’m just like, ‘Oh, screw this. I don’t wanna watch this. Who cares what happens to you guys?’ ”

On “actors being obsessed with looks”—-“I love my career, and I know that looks are a huge part of it–but people are obsessed. Like, ‘Don’t you have other things to do than not eat and go to the gym, you freak?’ I mean, ask any size-0 twit if she’s read a book lately”.

Monica is…feeling a lot better.


I was having a rough few days. Life was kicking my ass. I was blank & felt like poo. Well…I was actually recovering from seeing Lindsay Lohan on ANOTHER cover of a magazine. Seriously, how the hell is she still getting covers? I swear to God, she is always on a magazine cover, promoting what? I was excited to see my NYLON magazine only to dry heave in disgust. GAAAH! She was on the 10th anniversary edition. What a load of shit…Why could they have put Helena Christensen, who even at 40 is 800 times hotter & more relevant than skin & bones Lohan. I gots no love for this dumb girl anymore…she’s on the x-communicated list now with Rihanna. Celebrity letdowns.

Lohan————————-> patoey patoey!


ms. helena——————-> yum yum