Monica is…feeling a lot better.


I was having a rough few days. Life was kicking my ass. I was blank & felt like poo. Well…I was actually recovering from seeing Lindsay Lohan on ANOTHER cover of a magazine. Seriously, how the hell is she still getting covers? I swear to God, she is always on a magazine cover, promoting what? I was excited to see my NYLON magazine only to dry heave in disgust. GAAAH! She was on the 10th anniversary edition. What a load of shit…Why could they have put Helena Christensen, who even at 40 is 800 times hotter & more relevant than skin & bones Lohan. I gots no love for this dumb girl anymore…she’s on the x-communicated list now with Rihanna. Celebrity letdowns.

Lohan————————-> patoey patoey!


ms. helena——————-> yum yum


Monica is…ready for March movies.


I can’t wait to see a new batch of movies, but really I wanna see the ones that will never get an oscar nod. My light hearted poop humor, teenager, period movies set in the 80’s! Can’t wait!

  1. Miss March              March 13
  2. I love you Man         March 20
  3. Adventureland         March 27