is it summer yet?

the weather in los angeles has been absolutely gorgeous & with temps in the 70’s who could blame us for dressing in summery frocks! (sorry east coast) stella mccartney’s recent collection is making my heart sing with lacey details & floral prints. this is why she continues to be one of my favorite designers; effortless, feminine & chic. I can’t wait to try to replicate this feel with vintage finds…

oh stella mccartney…

hands down. i love this bag.

Monica is…slackerville USA.

Oh man, sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been so frustrated with my computer’s incompetence that it has literally deterred me from posting, but I will try to keep up on the things I’ve been musing about. Until I find a bag of money, I will still have to use this one. Ugg. On the bright side, while I was at work staring off into space, this woman came in (who unfortunately was bat shit) with the coolest bag I’ve seen in a while. I tried not to stare at her for too long for fear of looking creepy, but she was walking out & I had to ask who it was by. I can usually tell from a mile away what bag is which, but this one was undistinguishable & I loved that about it.It was faux leather & the hardwear was simple & stylish.  She told me it was Stella McCartney & sadly couldn’t remember anything about that bag, which was disappointing. It meant I had no name in which to search with & combing the internet turned up nothing…oh well.  I hate when that happens! I’m relentless when I get something in my head! Although, I did manage to find a few favorites from Stella McCartney’s Spring 2010 show…so girly & pretty!stellabagnstella11stella2stella3stellaundies1

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