Monica is…slackerville USA.

Oh man, sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been so frustrated with my computer’s incompetence that it has literally deterred me from posting, but I will try to keep up on the things I’ve been musing about. Until I find a bag of money, I will still have to use this one. Ugg. On the bright side, while I was at work staring off into space, this woman came in (who unfortunately was bat shit) with the coolest bag I’ve seen in a while. I tried not to stare at her for too long for fear of looking creepy, but she was walking out & I had to ask who it was by. I can usually tell from a mile away what bag is which, but this one was undistinguishable & I loved that about it.It was faux leather & the hardwear was simple & stylish.  She told me it was Stella McCartney & sadly couldn’t remember anything about that bag, which was disappointing. It meant I had no name in which to search with & combing the internet turned up nothing…oh well.  I hate when that happens! I’m relentless when I get something in my head! Although, I did manage to find a few favorites from Stella McCartney’s Spring 2010 show…so girly & pretty!stellabagnstella11stella2stella3stellaundies1

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