Monica is…wondering where vince vaughn from the 90’s went?

My birthday vege-fest is almost to an end, yet I happened to catch a brief moment of  “old school” on TBS. I usually stay away from anything that has those god-awful Wilson brothers, but I happen to have a soft spot for Will Ferrell & Vince Vaughn, err umm, I guess. While watching the movie, I noticed that I still visually hate Luke Wilson. The Wilson Brothers have these horribly distracting noses that fuck with me on certain angles. One moment its good then its wtf? Edgy, icky, yuck. Vince appears so bloated and unrecognizable that I sigh in complete disbelief. He no longer looks sexy & reminiscent of a 50’s heartthrob, but of a drug induced has-been, who somehow nailed Jennifer Aniston during her what seems like forever “pathetic stage”. Saggy under eyes & the doom of any mans existence: a receding hairline. ugg. So here are a few shots of an old Vince I once remembered…



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