Monica is…in love with her new diary.


I have been obsessing about this little journal ever since I saw it at Skylight Books in Los Feliz. Its really an ingeneous way to write about your life in 5 years, using a wise ass sentence. Each day is grouped with just a few sentences to re-tell the day. I guess its the “twitter” of journals. On a side note, for some reason feel meh about twitter. Its an empty facebook. The truth is the point of these websites is primarily to snoop through your friends/potential friends lives. Its an open medicine cabinet to how great or lame somebody is & quite frankly one updated sentence isn’t enough for my curious eye throughout the day. I need substantial alerts about somebody giving each other a damn “gift” or a stupid update on an event half of these people will not attend. I still have a myspace account, but its like the ugly, middle sister. Bells & whistles that take forever to load with fucking stupid profile songs that I often get embarrassed about when they begin playing. ugg. Maybe this journal was a soft cry to the olden days of writing on paper. —-sigh. Please buy this for yourself or give it as a gift. Its the easiest journal you’ll actually finish.

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